Body of the Night

NOTE:  Please use discretion when reading. For those that may get offended, please do not read. 
I have toned this Writing Piece down enormously. 
I slip into her, clothed yet naked
Red net stockings trail to their place
Shimmering, moist lipstick on lips baked
Stiletto’s to walk nights gluttonous face
Shadows of the dark whistle and whisper
In the light of day there I don’t belong
I hear myself say, “you ready to party, Mister”
Routine acted since inhaling her friend, the bong
Workmates she passes, hissing at her score
Nakedness clothed, sold to the hungry
Sex in streets, sensual, dirty, today’s décor
Dogs malnourished from erotica’s pedigree
Eyes of pimps sear in contemptible stares
Filling their pockets from red light district
Down-low being led ravenously upstairs
Owned by the night in hooking illicit 
High on leafy grass I undress to please
Escaping me from myself in selling 
Male mouth drools with soiled sleaze
Liquor, sweat and adrenalin smelling  
Disillusioned, suggestive takes over to stimulate
Out of body experience loathing myself to blame
Satisfying the appetites of the male populate
My identity, my person, vanished in shame
My nakedness exposed, but clothed with disgust
Every whim of his desire explored
I long for the ground to swallow his lust
I play each scene disguising deplored 
Discarded, I’m money bought for bodily pleasure
Dressing to clothe my naked leftovers
Slowly I fade set aside for another’s leisure
Smashed by prostituting, he’s now hangover
Smell him on me, I throw up
Bracing myself for the next John 
Take two, stage ready, I’m bankrupt
The child in me now gone
A little girl I once was
With dreams, desires and hope
Life happened, turning a dark course
Here I sell, here I cope
Salwa Samra © 2012 
All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or part without permission is prohibited.



About salwasamra

Salwa is the owner and creator of Poet's Room. Salwa has a passion to have Poetry rise from the ashes of days gone by to modern day reading material. Poet’s Room will offer the reader the opportunity to sit within its room, enjoy of its surroundings through words that will touch any reader. Pick and choose from Salwa's varied assortments. Poet’s Room is welcoming, intriguing, and inspiring. Take a tour, relax, contemplate and enjoy the variety of Poetry. Salwa has authored two books, a Non Fiction book - "Web of Losing Me," and "Poet's Room - Volume I." As a writer of Non-Fiction, Poetry, Creative Writings and Fiction, Salwa extends herself in many writing projects. Salwa has contributed a short story - Dreams Didgeridoo - to an Australian Anthology. Salwa is currently working on her third book - Colour Me In - a fiction story of a young lady and her forceful culture. Salwa's Lebanese culture is deep-seated in poetry and philosophy, her writings are influenced by her historic culture. Throughout Salwa's growing years her father habitually recited Arabic Poetry. Though Salwa couldn't understand most of the poetic words because they were in classic Arabic it truly did have an impact on her and her writings. The richness of the words, the depths of affluence on Salwa's cultural history, traditions, and customs, has truly reigned in Salwa to follow through in her poetic writings. Salwa commit's herself to continue in this depth from her culture, and its richness of philosophy and poetry. Her desire is to encourage the reader to think beyond what is written, to contemplate life's experiences, to long to be intrigued, and inspired, thus, Salwa finds herself writing about topics that reflect nature, emotions, sentiment, and experiences of the human body, mind, and spirit, consequently, reaching further into the culture that built in Salwa the love for poetry, the passion for writing. Salwa's Christian faith is another integral facet of her writings, being the cornerstone of her inspirations. Her study in Theology and Creation has influenced Salwa to share with her readers the beauty, diversity and challenges the world has to offer.
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6 Responses to Body of the Night

  1. Violet says:

    I liked this poem, may i ask you something? Do you write the poems first then find the right kind of picture to go with it? Or do you see a picture and write what you see?

    • salwasamra says:

      Hello Violet, I usually write the Piece first then I look for a photo 🙂

      • Violet says:

        Cool ! Thanks for that! Lots of hunting then for the right kind of photo! 🙂

      • Violet says:

        Cool ! Thanks for that! Lots of hunting then for the right kind of photo! 🙂 You do a great job at it!!

      • salwasamra says:

        You won’t believe this Violet, I spend more time hunting for the write photo then I do on my Pieces. My Pieces only take anywhere up to half hour to an hour to complete 🙂

      • Violet says:

        lol that’s what i thought, i think it is a good idea, so im doing it in some posts of mine, but fail quickly when i cant find the right kind of picture 😀

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