Dating God on Sunday


I’ve watched you sitting in the pew

Gracefully sitting amongst a select few

Prim and proper in your Sunday attire

Looking the part holier than thou sire 


Along with the emotions you play

Enticed by others watchful eyes you say

the words so frequently used in my House

thinking that by them engraved you rouse 


On Sunday you’ve penned me in as your date

While the rest of the week you infiltrate

My Name hovers above you like a banner

Yet you are far from Me in mocking manner 


Your Bible you hold as you enter the doors

The hands you shake your wickedness ignored

A show of your attendance is praised about

At the top of your voice you sing and shout


Your tongue is riddled with lies

Your heart black in disguise

You turn your back on those I cherish

They’re not up to your standards, wishing them to perish


Traditions and rules you woefully enforce

For praise from people you gladly endorse

Puffing yourself to appear holy

Wanting to be admired solely


The son of your father you are

He lives in wickedness, deceit and mar

Fooling the majority for your own gain

Appearing gentle, quiet and restrained 


Hypocrisy is your best fit clothing

Love and mercy are garments loathing 

You holler at the outward of man

Yet inside your spirit recognition damned 


From your lofty stand you look down

to they that are close to my heart you frown

The outcasts of the world I love

You scorn them and set yourself above


You believe by giving your money you’re exempt

You neglect justice and love from them you pre-empt

You reserve yourself the seat of the elite

Making sure to be perceived wholly complete


You load people down with burdens they cannot carry

Without lifting a finger injustice you marry

You bicker and dispute with my true servants

Unmarked graves, yours marked fervent


Blood and tears have filled your hands

Subjecting others at your demands

Standing proud shouting it in my Name

Talking the talk, immune from blame 


The key of knowledge you have taken away

Hindering others from entering the Way

You prey on the weak, the pained, the distressed

Using Me as your defence creating a mess


Date me not on Sunday to parade

Date me not to use in your masquerade

My dates are relationships I honour and uphold

I will not be a trophy for you to behold 


Woe to you who think God does not take heed

Woe to you that wrestle in finery and greed

Woe to you that abuse My trust

Woe to you that sacrifice for lust


Woe is the judgement that shall fall at your feet

Woe is the my verdict for you to receive

Woe is the trickery you have lodged on others

Woe to deluding your sisters and brothers


Woe is the ground that holds you firm

Woe is the air from honesty you squirm

Woe to your abusive dating game

Woe to the womb from which you came


Salwa Samra © 2012

All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or part without permission is prohibited.



About salwasamra

Salwa is the owner and creator of Poet's Room. Salwa has a passion to have Poetry rise from the ashes of days gone by to modern day reading material. Poet’s Room will offer the reader the opportunity to sit within its room, enjoy of its surroundings through words that will touch any reader. Pick and choose from Salwa's varied assortments. Poet’s Room is welcoming, intriguing, and inspiring. Take a tour, relax, contemplate and enjoy the variety of Poetry. Salwa has authored two books, a Non Fiction book - "Web of Losing Me," and "Poet's Room - Volume I." As a writer of Non-Fiction, Poetry, Creative Writings and Fiction, Salwa extends herself in many writing projects. Salwa has contributed a short story - Dreams Didgeridoo - to an Australian Anthology. Salwa is currently working on her third book - Colour Me In - a fiction story of a young lady and her forceful culture. Salwa's Lebanese culture is deep-seated in poetry and philosophy, her writings are influenced by her historic culture. Throughout Salwa's growing years her father habitually recited Arabic Poetry. Though Salwa couldn't understand most of the poetic words because they were in classic Arabic it truly did have an impact on her and her writings. The richness of the words, the depths of affluence on Salwa's cultural history, traditions, and customs, has truly reigned in Salwa to follow through in her poetic writings. Salwa commit's herself to continue in this depth from her culture, and its richness of philosophy and poetry. Her desire is to encourage the reader to think beyond what is written, to contemplate life's experiences, to long to be intrigued, and inspired, thus, Salwa finds herself writing about topics that reflect nature, emotions, sentiment, and experiences of the human body, mind, and spirit, consequently, reaching further into the culture that built in Salwa the love for poetry, the passion for writing. Salwa's Christian faith is another integral facet of her writings, being the cornerstone of her inspirations. Her study in Theology and Creation has influenced Salwa to share with her readers the beauty, diversity and challenges the world has to offer.
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