The Mosque within the Mosque

I’ve been a student of Islam for the last two years, and continuing. I know the culture. I speak and understand Arabic. I’ve lived among Muslim’s, all my life. They are my dear friends and some of my relatives are Muslim, also. I love the people of Islam. I do not love the religion. Thus, the reason I set out to study and educate myself more, even though I’ve lived and known Muslim’s, my entire life. I’m a Christian. This is not about comparing religions. This is about facts.

I cannot express, enough, until we understand the mentality – of which Westerners can never comprehend – of the Middle Easterner’s, we can never combat their cause. We, as Australian’s, need to know that Muslim’s, worldwide, are raising up Muslim Apologist’s. The suicide bombers are only one factor of their cause.

It’s the intellects that Islam is trying to recruit into government, into universities, schools, and into the workforce. We need to recognise that if we are to confront Islam, head on, with knowledge, awareness and understanding. I believe, it is imperative to know the Islamist approach and their arguments.

For Islam having highly intellectual scholars and apologists, that are currently being trained, is paramount to counteract the Sura’s of the Qur’an, that we as Westerners challenge them with. Mind you, these Muslim intellectuals do it skilfully and they do it with a sense of responsibility and passion, that’s why they’re so effective. Therefore, if we are not equipped, to understand the fundamental doctrines of Islam and the flip side of those who believe in Islam, also the scholar’s they adhere to, we will fail.

The Mosque within the Mosque

Often, you will hear people in the West, or for that matter, people in the East saying, “ISIS is killing Muslims, too. We, Muslim’s, are their victims, their targets, as well.” They are completely right in stating this fact.

Or, the other statement we hear is, “Terrorist are killing their own Muslim brother’s and sisters, therefore, these terrorists are not true Muslims.
It’s the common denominator Muslims, Non-Muslims, or our governments use to dispel the argument that these terrorist cannot and are not of the Islamic faith, if they are killing their own.
The above statement is actually an misinformed and uneducated argument of the above people groups. I state misinformed because, these terrorists, are absolutely and indeed true Muslim’s according to Islamic religious texts and teachings.

Non-Muslims and our governments have no educated knowledge, understanding or comprehensive facts. and / or Islamic data, about the Muslim faith. Or, if they do, they choose, willingly, to ignore it for the sake of a false hope of peace.

These sorts of people are akin to a Christian, who is only a Christian by name. One who only attends church on special occasions. One who follows the traditions of Christianity, such as, baby baptism, Easter and Christmas, however, has never read the Bible. Knows nothing of Christianity, its history, its foundational doctrines, and the sorts.

The fact that Muslim’s are killing other Muslims poses a question to us all. The question is, why are Muslim’s killing other Muslim’s?

After much observation, study and intensive research I have come to the conclusion that there is such a thing as – my own personal title – a Mosque within the Mosque.
What do I mean by that that statement – a Mosque within a Mosque? Well, there are Muslim’s congregating with other Muslim’s watching their fellow believers every move, every bit of lifestyle and every action they consent.

The Mosque within the Mosque watch the conduct of their very own people. They observe and report their actions and their allegiance to their fellow Muslim’s that are practicing the Qur’an, the Hadith’s, the Sunna and Sharia Law to the letter. That is the very reason that we’re seeing Muslim groups like Al Queda, ISIS and the sorts, butchering, terrorising and murdering their own fellow Muslims, without a second thought.

In these murderers’ minds and in their committed doctrine of following Islam to the letter, those Muslims that live under democracy are not true, devoted, nor legitimate Muslim’s. Thus, the objective for the committed Muslim, to follow Islam in and to its core beliefs, allows, encourages and endorses that Muslim’s kill other Muslim’s who are living in a state of democratic consent.

In Sura 4, verse 89 – we read – “They desire that you should disbelieve as they have disbelieved, so that you might be (all) alike; therefore take not from among them (the unbelievers) friends until they flee (their homes) in Allah’s way; but if they turn back, then seize them and KILL them wherever you find them, and take not from among them a friend or a helper.” Italics mine.

On the eve of the historic Iraqi elections in 2005, Abu Musab al Zarqawi, released a videotape threatening those who might attempt to vote: ‘We have declared a bitter war against democracy and all those who seek to enact it’. Islam, he said, requires the rule of God and not the rule of ‘the majority of the people’.

What is the Rule of God? It is the Sharia Law. It is the only political law that Muslim’s practicing Islam should live by, according to Muslim’s who desire to live strictly to their religious texts.

Therefore, any Muslim that lives moderately, any Muslim that fits in to Western society, or is privy to democracy is in a state of consent. Making every member of society culpable for the state’s actions and, thus, every citizen is a legitimate target for violence, including fellow Muslim’s.

Ayman al Zawahiri, who was an Egyptian born surgeon, coming from an upper class family of surgeons, was also known as stating – after the London bombings of 2005: “Your democratically elected governments continuously make war and your support of them makes you directly responsible until we feel secure in our practices – (Sharia Law – italics mine) – you will be our target.”

Remember, many Muslim’s will stand on, or turn to the argument of, “They’re killing and murdering us, too, therefore, they cannot be true Muslims.” However, that is furthest from the Qur’anic, Hadith, Sunna and Sharia Law, truth.

The Mosque within the Mosque, are somewhat Islamic spies that have their basis on democracy having objectionable beliefs beyond simple “majority rule, freedom of religion, rule of the people, freedom of expression, separation of religion from state, forming political parties”. In his statement Zarqawi declared that democracy’s principles of majority rule and respect for individual rights “allow infidelity and wrong practices to spread.” These rights and wrong practices are strictly opposing to true Islam.

The Mosque within the Mosque has a requirement, a duty, to inform their fellow Islamic warriors to eradicate such Muslim’s.
Salwa Samra © 2015                                                                                                        All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or part without permission is prohibited. AAEAAQAAAAAAAAS0AAAAJDBiMjk4N2UwLWEzNmUtNDFmMi1iZTExLTJkM2EwMzU1ODczMg

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I’m Back

Hello everyone,

It’s been a very varied and extensive time of learning for me, these past last two years. I’ve been doing a lot of political and world view studies, also, continuing with my poetry.

My website has also been updated with many new services available.

I hope you’ve all been well and life has been treating you kindly. I’ll be posting articles of my studies on issues that are affecting all of us, namely, Islam. I do hope you enjoy what I have to offer. I’m here to inform and share factual information with you all. Im-back

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Love’s Discipline

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~ The Autumn Look – My article for a Fashion Blog


It’s a Saturday morning, the season – Autumn….

You’ve had a rough week at work, stuffy suits, conference meetings, travel involved in the mix. Suddenly, the phone rings, your girlfriend invites you out to lunch. Destination – Café Sydney.
Jolted out of your week’s pressures, covered with excitement, you’re thinking, “what to wear?”
You absolutely know that your girlfriend will snazzy up in something suave, yet simple, and you couldn’t possibly go too casual.

Think girl, think!

Then out of the corner of your eyes you meet your brown boots that you bought last week. Brown…perfect for Autumn, soft, yet has the strength of control. Your eyes roam to the hangers that cradle your pants and jeans and you figure boots like these should be adorned with some ship-shape, yet, classy jeans. So that’s half of the outfit!

Upon thinking of the day outside, which is quite overcast, you also want to add some colour, therefore, in its chic array of bloom, the long knitted cardigan that every girl needs in her cupboard, grabs your attention. So, you grab it! This cardigan can be mixed and matched with all sorts of clothing. But, wait, there’s more, what better way to complement the cardigan and jeans then the caramel top that lifts the outfit to balance the autumn textures.

However, the “look” you’re going for just isn’t quite at its completion. To achieve the polished, urban appearance you’re hoping for one more thing to refine the elegant, casual expression. Voila!

It’s the black belt that can take any sort of outfit to an added boost! What also makes the black belt that little more sophisticated and graceful is the gold buckle that transports your clothing to another cultured level!

With a look like that, heads are going to turn, mouths will be talking and you’re sure to have people stop you at the café to ask where you bought your outfit from.

Girls, it’s time to ostentatiously dress up to autumns warm colours and cool days!

Salwa Samra
Author, Poet, Writer.

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Knowing? – A little riddle…


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She had heaven’s voice
Caught in earths sigh
Tears her mantle
Sorrows her stage

Isolation her gate keeper
Forgotten her footpath
Silence her mentor
Misunderstood her tavern

Friends evade her
Foes pursued her
Darkness induces her
Despair craves her

Confidence omits her
Neglect welcomes her
Destitute is needy for her
Peace denies her

In battle she roams
From conflict she hides
Faith’s famine fancies her
Hope’s drought drains her

Her capture

Acceptance sanctioned her
surrender carried her
Belong saluted her
Care shaded her

Security cloaked her
Joy embraced her
Serenity waited on her
Compassion enthralled her

Tenderness protected her
Affection warmed her
Adoration prepared her
Passion compelled her

to take her
there stood the Subject
of all
She had inherited
set aside for her
gifted to her

In her darkest moments
her despair
her trauma
her torment
She sights
Love bowed
Love applauded
Love dressed her
Love crowned her

Her jewels sparkled
Her eyes marvelled
Her heart exposed
Her spirit now her pose.

Salwa Samra © 2013
All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or part without permission is prohibited.


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Discarded, I remain


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Unshackling Opposition


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Crawl into my Skin

Timing, it had no regard for me
Setting, places I rather not be
Stolen I was by your plea
Candid moments undressing me.

Beneath, I was subject to your decree
Above, I felt heights of ecstasy
Persuade, you wooed me unpreparedly
Come let my warmth cover hauntingly.

Every inch of me let you wrap convincingly
My skin your skin enchantingly
My breath breathes you rapidly
My eyes your sight consolingly

My body your body one we be
Crawl into my skin welcomingly
My thoughts you think knowingly
My heart your beats compellingly.

Pace me from haste swiftly
Grow me in you engagingly
Feed you from me enjoyably
Keep me not waiting impatiently

Remind me, you commit to memory
Conquer me you overcome triumphantly
Crawl into my skin welcomingly
Fixated, I absorbed you deeply

Riveted immersed you me profoundly
Enthralled you entered spellbindingly
Lift me I rise increasingly
My strength your courage daringly

My mind you empower alluringly
My spirit your fortitude resiliently
Crawl into my skin welcomingly

Salwa Samra © 2013
All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or part without permission is prohibited.


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When Life…

When life toils
I rest.
Rest in the knowledge
of hope.

When life spins
I wait
Wait in the assurance
of faith.

When life rains a storm
I still.
Still in the confidence
of trust.

When life discourages
I console.
Console in the solace
of grace.

When life destroys
I create
Create in the prepare
of certainty.

When life fears
I conquer
Conquer in the sureness
of courage.

When life defeats
I divulge.
Divulge in the essence
of triumph.

When life closes in
I choose.
Choose to open myself
to overcome.

When life presents itself
To me.
I present myself
To life.

Salwa Samra © 2014
All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or part without permission is prohibited.



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